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Any scientific publication exists to exchange and share knowledge. This remains our permanent concern. We intend to work at achieving this objective in every issue of the African Journal of Neurological Sciences (AJNS).

AJNS, in this context, has stepped into a new dimension. It will now be published “on line”. The web will place it at a click of the greatest number, the world over, 24 hours a day. On the web, AJNS will be affordable and might even be accessed free of charge if we can find a sponsor.

The quality of its articles will of course be maintained. Our rigorous editorial committee, whose members deserve grateful thanks for their generous availability, will make sure of that.

We expect all our readers to actively participate in the life of their publication by sending articles that reflect concrete medical practice in neurology, neurosurgery and the neuro-sciences on the African continent.

The task may be seen as difficult. Discouragement may often be hovering. But when health conditions in Africa are considered, there is no alternative. The only way out is to go forward !

Gilbert Dechambenoit

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