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Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments : Description of Set
The Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments has been selected and compiled for classic emergency decompression procedures such as craniotomy, laminectomy and peripheral nerve surgery. The WFNS and Aesculap have succeeded in preparing a set that is the perfect addition to the general set of instruments available in almost every surgical department around the world.

The set is based on experience gained under relatively simple conditions where there is no access to highly sophisticated imaging technologies such as CTand MRI nor to a major neurosurgical centre.

The quality of the instruments is excellent and guarantees that the set is absolutely sufficient for straightforward basic neurosurgical procedures. Power-driven tools are intentionally not included be working in every environment. Haemostatic agents, silver clips and bone wax are also not part of the set.

Basic Set of Neurosurgical Instruments Handling of Order, Payment and Delivery

1) The applicant sends his demand to Mrs. Jan Joseph, Executive Secretary of WFNS, by mentioning the sponsor’s and consignee’s addresses. (The President of WFNS, the Vice President or the President of National Societies have to investigate whether the demand is justified).

2) If officially approved, then the WFNS Executive Secretary passes the addresses onto Aesculap AG & Co.KG, to the attention of Mrs. Christina Herrmann.

3)WFNS informs the applicant / sponsor to transfer the total amount of US$ 3.000.

4)As soon as the amount is credited to the account, delivery will be made to the consignee on CIP basis.

For further information please contact :

Mrs. Jan Joseph – Executive Secretary

WFNS Central Office

5 rue du Marché

1260 Nyon, VD Switzerland

Tel. 0041-22-3624303 – Fax: 0041-22-3624352


Prof. Madjid Samii

President of WFNS Foundation

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