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The African Journal of Neurological Sciences ( AJNS) is still being published despite several and recurrent difficulties encountered, thanks to R. RUBERTI’s determination and willingness to give of his time. By so doing, he has carried on the task and we highly commend him for the excellent work he has accomplished !!

The editorial committee’s ambition is to publish a first rate medical scientific journal. The work published will meet a scientific requirements at the highest level taking into account the hard realities in the field.

Indeed, it is our responsibility to be in charge of, with limited medical and economic means, the ‘’neurological » health of 4 billion persons – the South -representing 2/3 of the world population. Given the ever widening economic gulf between the North and the South, it is not sufficient to protest strongly and shout loud and clear about the necessary and legitimate need for human solidarity to ensure that all human beings benefit from medical care with dignity and on an equal basis. It is clear that this appeal has been in vain. Man’s selfishness ….

This then is the reality. Lack of technical and financial means hinders the development of our respective fields of study in Africa. Nevertheless, there is great hope of making up for this delay, if we take into account the willingness to act and the ambition of the agents in the field- – without forgetting those, outside Africa, who are not willing to be fatalistic or resigned. Let us remember that the first heart transplant was carried out in an African country.

We have to fight. We have to be creative and innovative if we intend to provide quality care to our families and our friends.

To practice our profession in Africa and for Africa requires faith, willingness, self-sacrifice and determination. These qualities need to be revamped over and over again and maintained at all times. Thus, apart from its scientific aspect, the AJNS plans to maintain and reactivate the motivation of all our colleagues who, faced with many social, family, economic and political obstacles and problems are driven to despair. The AJNS should provide a link bringing all of us together and all the societies striving to fight against neurological diseases. The editorial board should be in a position to count on our contribution.

The ANJS belongs to us. Let us play an active role in its running. Let us keep our journal alive so that our modest contribution may bring a little happiness to our people who so much need it.

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