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The Panafrican Association of Neurological Sciences (PAANS) and the African Journal of Neurological Sciences (AJNS) have new websites, more reliable than the others :



Some words concerning the AJNS : the first issue of the journal was published in January 1982. The free online version of the journal has been published biannually for 5 years now. There has been a regular increase in the number of visits to the website, evidence of an increasing interest in the publication (125.000 hits in 2005). Older issues are available on http://ajns.mine.nu/ .

The ochre colour of the cover page represents the earth and walls of African houses, symbols of the hospitality of a home. The borders represent North, East, South and West Africa.

Thank you very much for your contribution which help to share Knowledge, a commodity for all human beings, which is available to the whole human community
worldwide, with equal rights and responsibilities.

Gilbert Dechambenoit

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