E-Mail Contact - WFNS NEWSLETTER, SPRING 1994 :

I – From the President. Professor Dr Armando Basso

Last October, I was honoured with the Presidency of the WFNS. On such an occasion, I stressed that the WFNS would not just be an institution for the organization of Congresses but would be transformed into an organ of expression for all the problems that the performance of our speciality shows us world-wide. To put this project into practice, we agreed that the essential ideas thai we wanted to work with, would be the following:

1. Constitute a solid working team to co-odinate the work of all Committees;

2. Promote frequent meetings of the Administrative Council and the members of other Committees in different parts of the world;

3. Designate more responsibility to the continental Vice-Presidents so that they become actively involved in the problems of their region;

4. Open Ad-Hoc Committees for all neurosurgeons who can contribute new ideas to improve the performance of the Federation;

5. Continue the work that our last President, Lindsay Symon started concerning Education, promoting the achievement of minimum standards and the certifications necessary to practice neurosurgery In different areas of the Federation;

6. Promote, through our Central Office in Geneva, the relations with International Health Institutions so that, with our co-operatin, more information of our speciality can reach (he general public, for instance, campaigns to proven! Craniospinal trauma, Cerebro vascular accidents and many others; and

7. Work together with all (he National and Continental Society members, as well as those of (lie Federation in order to establish standards in subjects such as neuronal transplanation, prosthesis utilization, health costs etc., which should become items to be discussed by the different Committees and supervised by the Administrative Council.
We are already fully concentrating on all of these items, however, it is necessary that all the members of the Societies of Ihe Federation feel that they too, are participating in this Programme and that they can reach US directly or through our Central Office in Geneva, in order that the WFNS, which is everybody’s Federation, can really have a permanent feed-back of ideas and so that we may work together to solve the problems, we neurosurgeons around the world, have in common.

II – Acapuico Congress

The 10th International Congress of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies took place in Acapulco, Mexico and was a resounding success. It was outstanding with regard to its scientific content, the number of attendees (which set a new record of 3,154: 1,654 participants, 228 residents, 497 accompanying persons, 482 exhibitors and 293 staff) and the superb social events arranged by the host Society. Sincere congratulations and a great deal of appreciation go to the Mexican Neurosurgical Society, the organizers of this Congress, and everyone who worked so hard to make it such a memorable event in (lie world of Neurosurgery. The Congress was also financially sound, returning more than $150.000 lu the Treasury of the World Federation. These monies are essential for the continuing activities of the Federation, particularly in planning educational courses which will occur during the period before the next Congress.

III – The 11th International Congress of the WFNS in Amsterdam – July 6-11 1997.

The Netherlands Society of Neurosurgeons is very pleased to announce that the XI International Congress of Neurological Surgery will take place under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands from 6-11 July 1997.

An outline of the Scientific programme will be included in the Congress First Announcement which will be mailed at the end of 1994. If you would like to receive a copy please contact the Congress Secretariat. Technical exhibits will run in parallel to the Congress. Companies and organizations wishing to participate should contact the Congress Secretarial for more information.


The Congress Centre is located whithin the city of Amsterdam at a short distance from Schipol International Airport. Amsterdam is famous for its historical inner city criss-crossed by an extensive network of canals lined with picturesque 17lh century buildings . The city boast a wealth of museums and has gained a world-wide reputation as a cultural centre for orchestral music, classical and modern ballet and opera. Not surprisingly, the colourful life-style of Ihe Dutch capital attracts visitors from all over Ihe world.

The Officers of the Congress.
President H August M. van Alphen
Honorary Vice-President Cees W M van Veelen
Vice-President D Andries Bosch
Secretary Ralph T W M Thomeer
Assistent Secretary Douwe Wijnalda
Treasurer Geert H J J Spincemaille
Assistant Treasurer Rob E H van Acker
Scientific Program Director Cees J J Avezaat

The Congress Secretariat:

Amsterdam RAI-OBA

PO Box 77777

1070 MS Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)205491212

Telefax: +31 (0)206464469

IV – Results of Elections at the Acapuico Congress

a). The officers elected by the Executive Committee of the WFNS at the recent Acapuico Congress consist of the following:


Annando Basso (Argentina)


Mauro Loyo-Varela (Mexico)

Shozo Ishii (Japan)

Sean Mulian (USA)

Lsndsay Symon (United Kingdom)

First Vice-President

Kintomo Takakura (Japan)

Second Vice Presidents

Giampaola Cantore (Europe)

Kil Soo Choi (Asia-Australasia)

Sayed EI-Gindi (Middle East-Africa)

Gilberto de Almeida (Latin America)

Haroid Hoffman (North America)

Alexander Konovalov (at large)

Peter Jannetta (ai large)


Edward Laws (USA)


Jacques Brotchi (Belgium)

Assistant Secretary

Maurice Choux (France)

Assistant Treasurer

Madjid Samii (Germany)

Editor of Federation Publication

John Pickard (United Kingdom)


Alphons Walder (Nertherlands)

President, XI International Congress August van Alphen (Netherlands)

b). Committee members elected in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws consist of the following

Nominating Committee:

Chair: Dr F Ismat (Spain)

Vice Chair: Dr Leigh Atkinson (Australia)

Drs L Basauri (Chile). R Fahlbusch (Germany), R Hardy (USA) K Lee (Korea), J Humberto Mateos (Mexico), S Oheaeghulam (Saudi Arabia), J Peter (South Africa), Atos Alves de Sousa (Brazil).

Constitution and Bylaws Committee:


Dr J Martin-Rodriquez (Spain)

Drs George Ablin (USA), R Pen-in (Canada), Gianfranco Rossi (Italy).

Liaison and Public Relations Committee:

Chair: Dr M Dujovny (USA)

Drs R Fahlbusch (Germany), M. Lazar (USA).

Audit Committee:

Drs F Rueda-Franco (Mexico), W. Koos (Austria), N de Tribolet (Switzerland).

c). Leadership of the other WFNS Committees for the next four years consists of the followings:

WFNS Education Committee

James Ausman, Chair

WFNS Material Aid Committee

Sean Mulian, Chair

WFNS Spine Committee

Russell Hardy, Chair

Committee on Skull-Base Surgery

Madjid Samii, Chair

Committee on Awards to Young Neurosurgeons

Alber Rhoton, Chair

Neurotraumatology Committee

George Dohrmann, Chair

Medals of Honour Committee

Lindsay Symon, Chair

Pacdiatric Neurosurgery Committee

Harold Hoffman, Chair

Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Committee

Ronald Tasker, Chair

Neuro-oncology Committee

David Thomas, Chair

Scoville Award Committee

Russel Paterson, Chair

Materials, Drugs and Devices Committee

Yves Keravel, Chair

Ethics and Medicolegal Committee

Maximo Poza, Chair

Committee on Standardization of Terminology and Surgical Results

Robert Spetzler, Chair

Neurovascular Committee

Roberto Heros, Chair

Radiosurgery Committee

Landisiau Steiner, Chair

Neurosurgeons seeking more information about the activities of any of these Committees should feel free to
contact the respective Chair.

d). The logo of the WFNS, which you see displayed on this Newsletter, was formally adopted at the meeting in I Acapulco.

V – Call for Nominations

The Nominating Committee, under the Chairmanship of Dr Fabian Isamat of Barcelona, Spain, is listed above. In the Constitution and Bylaws, each Member Society has the privilige of submitting suggested names to be consid- ered for officers to be elected at the 1997 Congress in Amsterdam. These suggestions must be in the hands of the Nominating Committee before its final deliberations, which must be completed one year prior to the election. For that reason, member societies are encouraged to consider suggestions for the offices listed below and to sumit them in a timely fashion to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee or the Office of the WFNS in Geneva.

The absolute deadline for Nominations is May 6 1995.

Suggested are in order and are requested for the following offices.


1 st Vice-President

2(at large) 2nd Vice-Presidents


Assistant Secretary


Assistant Treasurer

Editor of Federation Publications


Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Liaison and Public Relations Committee

In addition, each of the five continental organizations, namely the European Association ofNeurosurgical Societies, the Asian-Australasian Society ofNeurlogical Surgeons, the Pan-African Neurosurgical Society, the Federacion Latino Americana deNeurochirurgia. and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, is asked to submit two nominees from each Continental Society for the position of 2nd Vice-president.

VI – WFNS Liaison Office in Geneva

The Liaison Office for the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies is located at the World Health Organization and has been run in a most efficient fashion since its inception two years ago by the Executive Secretary, Mrs Jan Joseph. The mailing address for this office, its fax and phone numbers are as follows:

Mrs Jan Joseph, Executive Secretary

WFNS Liaison Office with WHO

Central Office, Room 309

Division of Mental Health – World Health Organisation

CH 1211 Geneva, 27 Switzerland

Tel: 41-22-791-3604. Fax:41-22-788-4329

Copies of the Minutes of the executive Committee and Administrative Council Meetings are available on request from the Central Office, as are reports from the various Committees and of the Acapulco WFNS Newsletter.

VII – Request for Proposals for the Site of the 12th International Neurosurgical Congress to be held in 2001

The selection of the site for the next Congress is an important factor, not only for the planning of WFNS activities, but also with regard to candidacies for President of the Federation. As the number of Neurosurgeons worldwide increases, the size and scope of the meeting will increase as well. Therefore, proposals from various members societies to host the 12th International Congress should be carefully considered and planned. The Executive Committee will formally vote on a site for the Congress at the Interim Meeting to be held in Berlin, Germany in conjunction with the meeting of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies in May, 1995. proposals from Member Societies need to be submitted in a timely fashion, preferably at least one year in advance of the Berlin Executive Committee Meeting. Examples of previous proposals can be obtained from the Centra! Office of the Federation in Geneva, and Member Societies can use these as guidelines for constructing their own proposals. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Joseph in this regard. We look forward to receiving a number of exciting proposals for the site of this important World Congress.

VIII – Interim Meeting of the WFNS Executive Committee

The Interim Meeting of the WFNS Executive Commitee will take place in Berlin, Germany. It is hosted by the European Association ofNeurosurgical Societies with Mario Brock as President. The dates are May 6-12 1995. All delegates and Committee members should plan to attend.

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