CME Programme

This programme is open to neurological societies that are members of the WFN and also from low or middle income countries as specified by the World Bank. At present, 38 societies participate in the programme each with a coordinator responsible for its local organisation.

Societies receive two mailings a year in January and July, of the series Continuum, which are generously donated to us by the American Academy of Neurology. In order to enhance the effectiveness of these courses the programme incorporates a discussion group format. Mailing costs are paid for by the WFN.

There will be new arrangements in the next few months when Continuum is to be made available free of charge to members on line. These may include a facility whereby individual neurologists, unable to attend discussion groups, can access Continuum from a location convenient to them.

Book Sharing Programme

Established in 2003, this programme links together individuals, neurologic departments, and publishers in resource-rich countries with those in need of neurological information elsewhere in the world. The programme now has 29 members worldwide receiving donations from individual neurologists and publishers.

Recipients must be neurologists who are coordinators of the WFN CME Programme, heads of departments or training programs, or their designees, and live in countries listed as “low” or “middle income” by the World Bank. Donors are put in touch with recipients by the WFN, establish email contact, arrange delivery of the books/journals/CD-ROMs on offer, and accept responsibility for shipping and shipping costs. Publishers also offer significant numbers of books and ship these books to the WFN’s storage facility for distribution.
To be considered as a member of either the CME or Book Programme, or to offer a donation to the latter, please email either Dr Theodore Munsat, Director, (Theodore.Munsat[at]tufts.edu) or Monica Brough, Programme Manager, at Monica.Brough[at]btopenworld.com.

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